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Little Artworks
All rights reserved. Copyright 2021: idea, conception, copy, layout, photography, production.
Note cards
The note card is a luxury handout for small personal hand written information or messages. It makes you special… A time reminder, a word, a short sentence to foreign persona name, an address or phone number,… whatever it is. This card will be always connected with the handing-out person.  With a size of 5,5 x 8 cm the note card matches with every handbag and wallet.
But what makes it so special? Generally it is the “old fashioned, traditional and elegant way“ to deliver a note. It is a cultural lifestyle accessory. Every front layout is „a little artwork“. Note cards from our collections: It can be an earlier campaign visual, a out-take from framed exhibition- piece or a motif from the part of photojournalism.
Personal Note Cards
Current personal note card by: Christian von der Eltz beside his regular Biz Card.
Life Style Accessory Incentive
with individual Artwork at the front side requires for a photo shoot with one selected theme. Can be a portrait, a still-life or another artful image. The back side ist personalized with printed name. Personalized Note Card Photography is exclusive and for other productions no more available. Original Art Matters Stuff Note Card are signed with logo.
Alternative applications: As a part of an incentive concept Event Invitation PR Micro Campaigns with second benefit for example
Back side with printed text