Body Art: 180 x 88 cm monochrome framed big print
Books and Master pieces Cover Spine 10-20 Double Pages Big Prints and framed Artwork Calendar
Artwork Collections
Print Production and Art Photography
Theme Development and Photo Shoot: incl. Image Processing and Retouching (Start prize): Single Artwork Print A2/A3/A4 (Standard Size) for framing incl. (one selected delivery unit) 10 Digital Photos 750 Pixel: Each additional delivery unit 750 Pixel: Print file sales is excluded Books and Master pieces Creative Direction Shooting copy/conception Graphics/Layout Production technical costs including 1 book
2 h/net
550 Euro
85 Euro 55 Euro 35 Euro 35 Euro
Start prize Master single piece and small edition 1000 Euro
blow up prints with proposal
The copying, use or publication of photographs shown here under foreign names without a written user agreement is strictly prohibited. We follow every abuse.
This                                                           is a circle of interested people in all kinds                                                         of portrait photography. But quality and also experimental concepts have priority. This circle respects and knows the value of photographic work. Together we develop ideas and talk about photography on artistic level. Christian von der Eltz makes it possible to realize time-consuming shootings. The idea is based on TFP-Shootings. (Time for pictures) The shooting itself remains free of charge. The model receives 10 selected digital photos with 750 Pixel for each social media use. Photo prints are subject to a fee (above) as well as any kind of follow- up production. There is no compulsion to buy photographs. On the other hand, members of the AMS-community have the opportunity to photograph regularly and thus either receive reference media content or to purchase photographic work, which is regularly associated with high costs. And all this with a nameable photographer from Germany.
Rules and principles Art Matters Stuff - TFP Shootings -
The use or exploitation for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The production of reproductions is not permitted. Every handout over an image size of 750 Pixel is chargeable. In principle, there is no entitle- ment to handout print files. Any technical costs or expenses incurred shall be take over by the AMS-Community member. AMS-Community members are reliable and follow the agreed creative concepts. Only this is the prerequisite for a result-oriented showcase develop- ment or a special Artwork idea and with it the reason for the offer.
Application for a TFS shoot or the Art Matters Community with 5 current photos and short self description by mail to Photography@ArtMattersStuff.com …
or WeChat.
Art Matters Print Box Single Prints 5-10 A4/A3 in a AMS Archive Box Art Matters Stuff Collection Box 25 small artworks 5 x 8 cm in a Art Matters Stuff Collection Box