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Note cards
The note card is a luxury handout for small personal hand written information or messages. It makes you special… A time reminder, a word, a sentence, a name, an address or phone number,… whatever it is. This card will be always connected with the handing-out person.  With a size of 5,5 x 8 cm the note card matches with every handbag and wallet.
But what makes it so special? It is the “old fashioned, traditional and elegant way“ to deliver a note. It is a cultural lifestyle accessory. Every front layout is „a little artwork“. It can be an earlier campaign visual or a photograph from our framed exhibition- and with it a gallery artwork. These Photographs by Christian von der Eltz are never published and not available for any external sources. It is material for future exhibitions and book projects. Every photograph you see at our web pages is nearly selectable for a note card production.
But if you want it more personal we recommend a note card shooting, maybe connected with a frame shooting. The current back side layout for notes is standard. But clients are free to create a complete own card layout with Art Matters. (copy and graphics) For more technical information and production costs please visit our back office.
Note Card Photo Gallery for production
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